Camp Don Bosco

Welcome to Camp Don Bosco at Corpus Christi Church!

Download Camp Registration Forms

English and Spanish: Download Camp Registration Forms HERE.


For Children Ages: 7-14 years
Camp Dates: July 1 – July 26, 2019 (4 weeks, No Camp on 4th of July)
Camp Hours: Mon-Fri. 8:30am – 3:30pm* (Breakfast & Lunch included)
To Register: Please call or visit the Parish Office
Camp Coordinator: Bro. Peter Le, SDB |

*Please note: Camp hours may change depending on date of field trips

2019 Fees/Costs

Early Registration
Fees/Costs for Camp April 1 – May 30, 2019

  • One-time Registration Fee per child: $25.00 (non-refundable)
  • Total payment is $300.00 (4 weeks)

Late Registration
Fees/Costs for Camp May 30 – July 19, 2019

  • One-time Registration Fee per child: $35.00 (non-refundable)
  • Camp Cost: $350.00 (4 weeks)

Welcome Message from Our Pastor Fr. Tom

Dear Parents/Guardians and Friends of Corpus Christi Church,

Welcome to our annual summer camp from July 1st to July 26th, 2019 (please note that there is no camp on the 4th of July). The camp will be animated in a Christian/Catholic atmosphere where love, friendship, compassion and care is paramount. It is based on the educational system of St. John Bosco, popularly known as “Don Bosco” who is a friend and father of youth.

Camp Don Bosco at Corpus Christi Church is very unique in its nature. Many of the youth counselors are from our past parish youth ministry programs and with an added blessing, we have the presence of our international volunteers who are close collaborators of the Salesians of Don Bosco brothers and priests.

The camp also offers to each child to grow in their faith as Christians. May your children grow in love and knowledge of God the Father. So welcome everyone and enjoy the camp with your children. We would be happy to have you on field trips. However please remember that parents/guardians will have to take care of themselves (additional costs of tickets/food), but it is always good to enjoy with your children these special moments of camp and share in their joy.

Once again welcome to Camp Don Bosco! I hope to see each of you in July. God bless you and your loving families.

Sincerely yours on behalf of all our Salesian brothers and priests,

–Fr. Tom

Basic Features of Camp

Age Requirement:

  • Children ages 7-14 years

Camp Includes:

  • Field trips (Big and Small)
  • Good Food (Breakfast and Lunch)
  • Faith Formation, which includes: Good morning talks, Prayers, and Youth Masses
  • Camp T-shirts
  • Arts & Crafts Projects
  • Science Projects
  • Sports and Outdoor Activities
  • Music and Dance
  • Game Room
  • Talent Show
  • Camp Outdoor Picnic

Dress Code

  • Children and staff are to dress modestly throughout camp. No indecent attire will be tolerated.
  • Come with sufficient warm clothes.
  • On field trip days, all campers and staff must wear their official camp shirts and other appropriate dress depending on the trip.


  • Each camper is expected to behave properly and follow all rules and directions of camp
  • Any camper who does damage to the property, the parents/guardians will be fully responsible for the costs
  • Campers who intentionally cause harm/injury to other campers or staff will be asked to leave camp immediately
  • Campers who refuse to participate in camp activities will be asked to leave the camp at any time
  • No camper is allowed to bring the following items to camp: sharp objects like blades, knives, exacto knives, nail clippers, Swiss pocket knives, shoes with nails underneath
  • Fingernails must be properly trimmed
  • Fighting or use of bad words/language will result in
  • Parents are required to give their full address and cell phone numbers
  • No money will be refunded if a camper stops coming to camp
  • If a camper is to be absent, parents/guardians are required to inform the camp coordinator 24 hours prior